Xiaomi Redmi K30 – SURPRISE!

Xiaomi is all set to launch the Redmi K30, but no need to wait becasue we have the OFFICIAL Look before launch.

Redmi K30 and Redmi K30 Pro are Officially Coming on 10th. Let’s talk about the Design, Specifications, Features, and It’s Price.

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23 Comments to “Xiaomi Redmi K30 – SURPRISE!”

  1. What will be the price in india bro… Plz plz reply ,,, i am from Bangladesh

  2. Amolad display hona chaya

  3. I Am Waiting This phone In long Time Nice Information thenx Very Nice Video

  4. IPS + Punch hole notch
    Ew… That's awful…

  5. So which is it, curved glass or flat? you vid has different types of screens

  6. Front camera on screen! It will be a problem in gaming

  7. I'm mi fans but this phone is ugly😪

  8. Dafuq, k20 have better design

  9. Redmi K20 uses Snapdragon 730 and it's Snapdragon 730G in Redmi K30. Why don't they upgrade the processors?

  10. Bhai pahle kaun sa aayega k30 ya k30 pro ya dono sath me launch honge

  11. sAmoled+90hz👍
    Ips lcd+120hz👎(in comment box)

  12. I think punch hole landscape na hokar portrait style mein hota to jyada accha lagta…Who agree with me…if u agree Hit like or write comment if u.ok with design…

  13. Downgrade the only upgrade here is the 120hz the rest is downgrade

  14. Enjoy your down vote

  15. 120Hz display is great.
    But… come on… What is the shit circle around the camera?
    The design of the K20 was good enough.
    Full screen with popup camera, and uncluttered rear design.

    Why did xiaomi regress?

  16. I thought it would have curved display..

  17. Price ?
    How much ?

  18. NO amoled? ill pass

  19. No amoled no party. IPS with 120hz needs a 10ah battery

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