Xiaomi mi notebook 13" additional storage, how to add an SSD

Xiaomi mi notebook additional storage, add or replace SSD, hard drive.


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  1. does anyone know what are the screws on the top right and left after lifting the cover? on the metal parts. it's labeled lik 080l and 080r or something respectively.

    i just used one of those for the ssd. they look structural, not electrical. but if anyone knows if that is unadvised, please let me know!

  2. Hi can i use only secondary slot as main storage? Because wanna use egpu for the primary nvme slot.

  3. First Indian video that I like!

  4. Hi, nice video. Where did you get the sticker?

  5. did you take off the back cover sticker?
    how can I do that?

  6. what connection is the seccond ssd slot?

  7. I will buy mi notebook pro 15.6 i5 and I want to ask a question. Can we add samsung 960 evo 250gb 3200-1500mb/sn pcie nvme m.2 ssd ???

  8. smaller free slot for what?

  9. are you sure that the link you provided points out the good ssd for the aditionnal port?

  10. how much gb can we put

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