Xiaomi Mi Note 10 full review

Our full review of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 covers all the important aspect of the pone – the build and screen quality, battery life, and of course, performance.

We have a separate video dedicated entirely to the camera image quality so don’t miss that one too https://youtu.be/v2Xs-aIpscA

▶ Read our detailed text review: https://www.gsmarena.com/xiaomi_mi_note_10-review-2020.php

▶ Check out the full phone specs: https://www.gsmarena.com/xiaomi_mi_note_10-9936.php

▶ Track Info: Welcome to Detroit 4 by Anders Bothen_

▶ If you want to know more about our host Will, check out his video episode in our Meet The Team series. https://youtu.be/T1V7G68dWKU


44 Comments to “Xiaomi Mi Note 10 full review”

  1. Only was acceptable if it was not a miui phone and instead a stock android or android one.MIUI on this phone looks a mercedes using a cheap local lcv tyre

  2. Xiaomi need to announce it's higher version as Mi Note 10 Pro/Plus with Snapdragon 855+ Processor, Super Amoled Full Screen Display (Punch whole camera) & 20 Megapixels Telephoto Camera (Which is 5 megapixels at Note 10) & need to Change 4th and macro camera position. The fourth camera needs to be included with three which will be turned into four. And macro camera need to move near flashlight.

  3. What are the games featured in this review?

  4. Which game is running on mobile

  5. this gonna killed the fuck out of vivo v17 and most oppo phones

    not realme cuz realme is cool now

  6. Can u do a battery test against the iPhone 11 pro max

  7. Normal phone really

  8. What was the plane game he was playing at 3.40. Anyone know plz?

  9. Your battery drain test is just garbage.

  10. How can they call it a Note with no stylus pen?

  11. The battery is the dealbreaker for me. I was so excited, and 95 hours isnt bad, but I expected at least 120+ hours because of the 5200 mah 🙁

  12. Launch Mi Note 10 Lite Xiaomi. 😂

  13. I dont say that iphones are trash, but this camera for its price tho… AND THE BATTERY This is my new next phone..

  14. I hate xiomi smartphones

  15. So, they didn't opt for expandable storage because they couldn't or they want you to use that 1k megapixel cam and "splurge" a hundred euros more on the pro? wink wink

  16. real life cisco ramon

  17. That was a quickly posted review


  19. gsmarena.com best website for mobile news

  20. This phone will do just grand in Asia. Can't say the same for rest of the world. Good quickie review.

  21. The 108 megapixel quad beyer setup? What did he say?

  22. Hey wassup gice…. 😏

  23. hey will, stop saying quad bayer before explaining what that means

  24. While taking photos and videos does this phone lags or heats???

  25. This chipset performs better than SD835, so, I can't see any complaint about it, because there is a good performance

  26. comparing the main cam to Mate30Pro and telephoto to P30Pro plz!

  27. How the hell a 5200mah battery only has 95h of endurance. I wanted this phone because of its battery life but this is so disappointing. There has to be something wrong.

  28. Camera manufacturer: How many megapixels do you want in your main camera?

    Xiaomi: Yes

  29. This phone is all about 108mp cam

  30. I wish this come with cost cutting rate in India.
    Non-Amoled display 4000+ mAh battery, 4gb/64gb storage, 675 Snapdragon chipset but with power pack camera sensor as it is and price at Rs.17k-18k. So that, a non gamer like me could afford.

  31. Please tell me which fighting game you play on ?? Is kof game

  32. This one or the realme x2 pro?

  33. How is the temperature on the phone when you take pictures or play games?And how much time its takes to procces a night mode picture?

  34. Oh snap. That battery life sucks!

  35. mi note 10 vs realme x2 pro ?

  36. Uploads full review, didn't bother to include benchmark scores -gsmarena logic🤦‍♂

  37. Thats a great review of a really good smartphone. Now, I know this is kinda off topic but when I saw the gentleman in the video taking photos from a balcony I couldn't but notice that to me, that city with those buildings looks kinda eastern European. Idk why I say this but those buildings kinda remind me of a brutalist architecture you will find in most of eastern European countries lol xD

  38. do oppo reno 2 f and reno ace already

  39. Hoe much for this

  40. 5:50 i am scared by that look!

  41. We should read what the comments say

  42. Seems to be a smartphone centric camera rather than a camera centric smartphone 😆

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