Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 – FIRST LIVE LOOK!!!

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha First Live Image has been leaked and it showcase gorgeous Design and tiny bezel. Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will be Called the Mix Alpha.

Mi Mix Alpha features Snapdragon 855+, 108MP Camera, has Dual Rising Selfie Snapper and a Waterfall Design.

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18 Comments to “Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 – FIRST LIVE LOOK!!!”

  1. Aquí tienes tu comentario en

  2. ok.. if the screen is curved going to buy it when the price is going to fall

  3. Lol looks like the note 10

  4. Can't wait for this phone.

  5. I just hope it's cheaper then the OnePlus 7 Pro

  6. Number 4 is unlucky for Chinese. Probably they will skip this number calling Alpha the next Mi Mix

  7. I am a Huawei person but this phone look really good 👍

  8. LOL….
    xiaomi targeting apple's iphones and the mi mix 4 designs like samsung galaxy note 10.😂

  9. Is there any information on xiaomi max 4

  10. best earphone under 1000 ?

  11. Bro do you wanna sell your Google pixel phone ?

  12. You should only make News videos like this, not Unboxing videos. Please don't skip news videos.. 🥰

  13. What a name Mix Alpha.. it's like a reborn Flagship..

  14. Xiaomi – Targets Apple with their Phones and Watch
    And Xiaomi – Copies Apple's MiMoji, Copies their OS, Copies their Design..

    Be like Xiaomi

  15. the phone will be presented on 24.09 if the leaks are correct, when can we expect an official teaser or official images of the phone? @Tech Drioder

  16. I'm First Finally 😍😍😍 Here before 100 views

  17. Bro what is the expected price?

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