Xiaomi Mi 9 Hands-on, First Impressions

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37 Comments to “Xiaomi Mi 9 Hands-on, First Impressions”

  1. Di to related sa video pero, paki review na po yung samsung A50

  2. Does Ira have an IG?

  3. The NCT promotion tho

  4. Wow! that price is insane🙏

  5. @Yugatech can we have a full review of Samsung Galaxy A50? Thanks!

  6. Can it game? New episode pls

  7. Sino yung nasa thumbnail vp leny po ba 😂😂😂😂

  8. Where to buy?

  9. lol i will still be waiting for mi 9 8gb and 128 gb… or the mi 9 explorer with 12gb ram hahaha…

  10. of course it is a bang for your buck whether you buy this xiaomi or not

  11. Saan po kaya makakabili ng xiaomi devices sa guiguinto bulacan?

  12. Waiting for pocophone f2!

  13. Kailan po ba available from other store, like dito sa cebu? #Yugatech

  14. Meron palang physical Mi shop sa pinas?

  15. Magkano po ang mi9 explorer?

  16. Kim, uwi ka na di na ko galit.

  17. Why u late in the mi 9 review game?

  18. Xiaomi Mi 9, can it game? (Halata naman na eh xD)

  19. Di ko alam kung 64 gb or 128 gb pipiliin ko eh

  20. Wish na may mmc slot sana sya. ☹☹ but the looks promising. Lalo n sd855. 😊

  21. No Sd Card.. Thats a BIG NO NO NO

  22. Watching this on my Mi 9 ❤️❤️❤️

  23. ok na sana then the battery is a joke an the MIUI is still ugly, just checked it earlier at LCM

  24. Kelan po mag kakaroon ng Mi 9 SE dito satin?

  25. Love your vids YugaTech keep it upp

  26. Global version?

  27. I used Xiaomi Mi8 before. Ang sarap sa Gaming antagal pa malowbat😊

  28. Where is kim? Answer meeee

  29. This is my next smartphone. An alternative for the pricy iPhone and Samsung.

  30. Irerelease po ba dito sa pilipinas yung rn 7 pro tsaka yung mi9 se?

  31. Love your tech videos…..

  32. You said, Powering the mi8? Yugatech? 1:19

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