SwaMiji's Response to Xiaomi

SwaMi-ji is tirelessly standing up for Hinduism and will continue to share the sacred truths from the scriptures – regardless of abuse and attacks done to Him.

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25 Comments to “SwaMiji's Response to Xiaomi”

  1. Eternal Gratitude to Swamiji for delivering these Powerful truths🙏🙏🙏🌺

  2. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  3. Thank u swamiji….Bless all of us

  4. Swamiji always stands for Advaita, unperturbed by the attack against him. My inspiration always!

  5. Me in me 😅😂🤣

  6. Guruji, who makes your jewelry design? Mind blowing!

  7. Guruji, me and me and me in you… I am greatly enlighten… Thank u…

  8. What ever they say only serious people in sadhana understand nithyananda weather they are his students or not

    If u are serious in sadhana you can understand him

  9. People might understand this better:

    The physical you running around in this life in this incarnation. ..(that doesn't understand this message lol) ..is singular and disconnected from the higher self. .. the higher self is the esoteric you which resides in the higher frequencies …(you are a multi-dimentional being. ..so you are here and there at the same time). .. the esoteric part of you. .this is connected to your God-self.. which is all of everything in everything everywhere. .. omnipresent (all present) omniscient (all knowing) …once you raise your frequency to connect to your higher self. ..you can learn about all things through your higher self as though you are learning from a mother or father version of yourself. ..as that wiser you.. (if you can shift your consciousness to being them instead of you lol). ..you'll see your life as the observer. .. this is the goal. ..once you do this you'll be able to connect to your God-self with relative ease. .. and then you'll understand that we are all one. . If the God-self is everything in everything and everywhere. .. you are me and I am you. .. at the same time. ..have multiple incarnations ..multiple life experiences ..all at once.. with each other. .. if you understand this. ..you'll understand his message on a totally different level. .

  10. Thank you, Swamiji! 😍🤩
    For those who don't know, the first 'me' video was actually an exclusive session for Mahasadashivoham program participants which Swamiji has made available for all of us through Youtube.
    In the series of the Mahasadashivoham videos, Swamiji reveals deeper truths about the 11 dimensions of the Universe.
    Those who did not understand the truth or the sacredness of the truth are using it as troll material, to promote their content.

  11. Por favor traducir al español para beneficio de todos los seres gracias

  12. Yess!!! I love swamiji

  13. To really understand what Swamiji talking about, one HAS to experience Oneness in it self. People who laugh at Swami, lucky enough, because they concentrate their minds on Swamiji and one day or one life they will understand what He is talking about. He already work in their consciousness.

  14. My SWAMS…

  15. Great Swamiji, keep us blessed with your satsangs.
    It is difficult for some to understand what secrets you want to reveal to this world.
    People who understand are feeling blessed to know more and more. Time is nearing to showcase the truth with practicals just for the sake of them.

  16. Swamiji referring to consciousness…. Those who are spiritual inclined can only comprehend…… Brahmagnanavali mala…

  17. Amazing 👍🙏

    Fool are those who don't even try to understand Swamiji rather than just making fun of his sacred Teachings.

  18. 🤩🤩🤩🤩🧖‍♂ Nithyanandam!!

  19. Just listen to your heart it will all become obvious

  20. All I know is, when I meditate on swamiji I go into an immediate state of pure awareness. This is consistent throughout my years. Blessings.

  21. Oh my God 🙏🙏

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